Guidelines for Merchants

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Prepare Your Images

All your photos must be in the format of 1024 x 768 pixel JPG file. Even if the original is in standing format. Your graphic designer will have to resize these within our standards.


You will need to create a 640 x 480 pixel JPG file.

Center your LOGO inside it.

Leave room so that it does not fit directly around the perimeter.

Header Banner

You will need to create a 1500 x 400 pixel JPG file.

This will be placed in the header of your registration form.

Use a nice (dark) photo that represents your products and services as a starting point. No text inside! No image copied from the Internet, please be honest!

Sell Yourself!

Prepare your company presentation text, in FRENCH and if possible also in ENGLISH. Talk to your future married couples and generously express your strengths.

A webmaster's agency remains at your disposal to enrich your referencing and the profile of your company … with additional costs.

Understand Well!

Find a way to increase the income of your business.

Your Responsibility

After purchasing your subscription, you will need to complete the information in your company listing

As long as your form is not completed, WE will not display it or make it visible to Internet users.

It goes without saying that you are responsible for your speed of execution in this task!


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A Service Offered by Mariage Déco Belle Nuance

Trust a woman who has established herself as the benchmark in marriage! Founded by Isabelle Thuot, Mariage Déco Belle Nuance has become, in just over a year, the largest independent site for wedding decoration products and accessories, first and then for all special occasions.

Since then, the entrepreneur has appeared on social media as well as everywhere on the web, allowing wedding providers to be showcased on her Internet platforms.

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