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Happiness is like a cake, there is never too much of it!

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Everyone has a hidden talent, the concern is to discover and explore it. Some people will discover this talent in adulthood, and others, like me, will discover it early in their life. I was three when I discovered my hidden talent. Combine a few ingredients, mix everything and let the magic work in the oven. Baking is a passion that has been passed down from generation to generation in my family.

Some children dream of becoming astronauts, for me my dream was to become a pastry chef. At the age of 10, my idea was established, I was going to inaugurate my pastry shop: « Un gâteau un rêve ». So here I am 12 years later chasing that childhood dream, which has now become my definition of happiness.

My concept: to accompany you in the best days of your life, to provide you with an experience that is as visual as it is gourmet. Make your ideas, your dreams, your wishes come true to accompany you in all your commemorative celebrations of life.

We offer a personalized cake service, sweet buffets, all kinds of pastries, hostess gifts or various gourmet gifts. We make your wildest ideas come true, nothing is daring for us.


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