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Hello everyone!

Passionate about photography since my very first class on this subject in high school, I have never stopped photographing my environment, my loved ones and my poor animals! It has always been a real pleasure for me to capture authentic moments, on the fly, as if the photographer was absent. It is in fact for this style of photography, the lifestyle, that I have most experience. Family, couple, maternity or portrait photos, I applied a lifestyle photography style to several types of photography and each time, real emotions and giggles came out of these photoshoots.

I would love to try wedding photography to capture these unforgettable, emotional memories. Despite my years of photography experience, I am just starting out in the wedding business. I’m expecting my first happy engaged couple!

For the past three years, I have also specialized in a different style from lifestyle: Boudoir photography. I love the Boudoir because it’s not just photos in lingerie, but a process by which women learn to love themselves by wearing nothing other than lingerie. Too often, women are given an unrealistic standard of beauty and lose sight of who they are and how gorgeous they are. My goal, with the Boudoir, is to help these wonderful women regain power over their bodies, show them that they are beautiful as they are and give them a unique moment, just for them.

In short, to find out more, contact me. It will be my pleasure to talk to you about your future projects!

See you soon,

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