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I introduce myself, Savie St-Laurent alias Esmée Queen, lover of the arts, passionate about producing masterpieces every time I make up and at each service that I provide. The more I work and the more my smile lights up, that’s what my customers say! I always give the quality that I would like to receive myself.

For me, makeup is a way of raising your inner beauty by highlighting it. It’s my way to use my artist’s talents to give my customers happiness. The magic in your eyes and in the eyes of the little ones every time I finish my work, it is euphoric for me and extraordinary as feelings of well—being.

Wedding Makeup

Being able to spend part of your day so special and precious for your wedding is an honor for me, to be able to participate in your great happiness brings me a lot from you. Even if sometimes the anxiety is felt that the mother of the bride cries with the girls of honor and that they make all my beautiful makeup flow, I am always there to manage the situation and support you as well as I can!

Children’s Makeup

Artistic professional makeup artistic profession of the ABC school of makeup by Maryline Pellerin, I can also, after having put in beauty all these ladies and the magnificent bride, be accessible to go to the little ones and entertain them with sumptuous makeup for children. It is the wonderful world of children who in a single makeup can turn into a knight who obviously will save his princess! And what about your flower girl, who just might turn into a sparkling little butterfly!

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

The eyebrows and eyelashes constitute an important part of the makeup because they supervise your face. This is why I also offer services for eyebrows, I offer the tweezers’ hair removal service and the reconstruction of the cream or pencil eyebrows, I also offer microblading and the installation of classic eyelashes and volume. And to finish the beauty metamorphosis, I also offer the installation of nails whether in vogue or Bling-Bling! And for these gentlemen, nothing better than a beautiful manicure before going to the procession.

So do not hesitate to contact me, because I am not the right fairy, on the other hand, I can easily make magic like Esmée Queen!

My training allows you to create all types of makeup. Whether for the makeup of Prom Night, Creative makeup, Makeup for Photoshoots, Parades, Theaters, Artistic shows, Magazines … if you have a question if Esmée Queen does this or that style of makeup. Well, put it on me and it will be a real pleasure to answer it!

I can’t wait to meet you and be able to offer you a little of my artistic magic!
Take care of yourself until then!


Savie St-Laurent “Esmée Queen”

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Québec, Québec

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