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Passionate professional photographer, I have been offering my services for over eight years, in the greater Montréal area and everywhere on the South Shore.

During all these years, I have had the privilege of photographing a wide variety of ceremonies. I have worked on a multitude of weddings, both civil and religious, elegant, luxurious, country, intimate, grandiose, summer and winter. Montréal and its ethnic diversity allowed me to attend celebrations, Italian, Greek, Jewish, Quebecois, African, Egyptian, Lebanese, Haitian and Chinese to name a few.

With experience, I know how to give the minimum amount of direction to shoot yourself at your best. So the couples I photograph look natural and relaxed, even those who weren’t comfortable at first!

New parent since 2020, I love taking family photos more than ever now that I have a taste of fatherhood every day. Skilled with children and babies, I quickly connect with the family to create beautiful memories naturally, at home or outdoors. I can quickly put people at ease with the lens, even those who don’t like it!

I am very fond of black and white photography. I find this rendering very effective in highlighting the emotion of the shots, the shapes and textures as well as the contrasts and the lighting. This is why all of my nuptials and family photos are sent in color and also in black and white.

Thank you and look forward to working with you,
Louis-Charles Dumais

Awards and Recognition :

Focus 2017 winner - Portrait category.

Nomination for the Focus 2017 Grand Prize

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