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All event management companies have their own reasons for being in business. Mine is my business name DLX Productions. It means first the shorthand for my name: Daniel Lacroix, but also a diminutive for Deluxe, which means nothing less than the luxury of affording the best, of affording the luxury of satisfying you. I introduce myself, Daniel Lacroix, sole owner at DLX Productions. This means that I take care of you from A to Z without any intermediary. Whether in terms of music, animation or the entire organization of the event, I take care of you from the beginning to the end of your great adventure. My many years of experience as a DJ animator have ensured that I have forged a solid network of contacts ready to support me as needed and according to your needs. Impossible to let you down on this important day. With my entertainment and our choice of personalized music, we will make your event an unforgettable memory for you and your guests.

Based in the city of Lévis, we cover the south shore and the North Shore of Quebec within a radius of 100 km.

I’m just offering 2 packages, so no overbidding on the different add-ons, you choose La Base or La Totale! Whatever, I provide constant follow-up and assistance with you, participate in the photo or video editing to be broadcast during the evening, personalize your song choices, and this at no additional cost. No hourly rate, we start when you are ready and we agree together on the end of the evening.

With us the contract goes beyond just putting on some music and making a few announcements. I call myself more of an entertainment director. I assist you with the planning of the event before and during the evening. For example, if you are busy chatting with your loved ones, or busy with something else, I am your direct link to coordinate the chronology of your event, in short I watch over you so that you don’t have to worry about anything. I think of all the little details, the positioning of the photographer, notifying you during important moments and assisting the various stakeholders as needed. Treat yourself to a professional and personalized service to create now the fabric of your memories that you will cherish for eternity.


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Lévis, St-Nicolas

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