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Having your own florist means profiting from an ally to better highlight the events of life.


My name is Sandra Ayotte, and I invite you to become this ally to mark events with you. Whether it’s to offer a boost of comfort during a bereavement, or the desire to highlight a happy moment like a wedding, I have the pleasure of creating personalized bouquet, a montage or a mural that will reflect your feelings and beautify your events.

In recent years, I’ve been on the watch for the best techniques and the most contemporary concepts in the floral arts world. I’m a member of the Circle of Excellence of the Art Floral Pro blog, an activity that meets my objective of offering high qualities of creativity.

I work with natural, dried, or stabilized plants (halfway between natural and dried, these plants can be kept for years). Recently, in order to be able to offer artworks that make memories last for a long time, I integrated stained glass into long-lasting creations such as murals.

Let your eyes explore our service offering.

Psst! Don’t look for the store, it’s virtual, but note that for the pleasure of the eyes, a photo of the composition you have ordered will be sent to you on request.

May the flowers be with you!


Celebrations and Special Events | Corporate and Family Event
  • Do you have a business opening or a new job to highlight?

  • An anniversary, a birth or a graduation and of course a wedding?

  • A trip, or a simple thank you?

If these proposals are not quite what you had in mind, contact us.
We are attentive to your needs.

  • Would you like fresh flowers at reception, in the lobby?

  • A mural in the common area, in the hallways, in the offices?

  • Centerpieces for your events?

  • Or simply a bit of oxygen by giving your offices a touch of greenery?

Contact us for our regular maintenance programs.

Manufacturer/producer, Service Provider, Wholesaler
Floral Arrangements


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